Hypixel Integration and More!

Hypixel Integration and More

Providing streamers with the tools they need to interact with their audience is what drives us at Beam. Allowing viewers to participate directly in streamer’s gameplay super low latency is our bread and butter, but it’s not quite as fun if it only works for a few games!

Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Hypixel to bring you even more epic interactive game integrations to use on-stream.

To get started with any Beam Interactive integration, just head to your channel page, hit “Go Interactive” and follow the instructions for the game you select.

Interactive Build Battle

Hypixel is the largest Minecraft PC Minigame network, serving a total of over 9 million users with 40+ games.

When streaming Build Battle, an arcade game on Hypixel, the server will connect to your stream and give your viewers a chance to interact with your game.

  • Theme Selection – At the start of the game your audience can vote to select a theme from a set of 5 randomly picked words. You then have 5 minutes to build something resembling that theme.
  • Build Voting – When the game ends, each build can be voted on by everyone in game and everyone watching the stream. The build with the highest score wins. Can you get that elusive LEGENDARY vote?

Beam Plays Surgeon Simulator

This one’s a fun one! Interactive Surgeon Simulator allows you to collaborate with your viewers to perform virtual surgeries!

The streamer controls the hand movement, viewers control the fingers. It sounds ridiculous, that’s cause it is. Ridiculously hilarious, of course.

Interactive Adventure Mode

Originally debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt, our interactive adventure integration takes vanilla Minecraft to another level.

Our adventure integration allows viewers to affect streamer’s Minecraft game worlds by triggering and controlling world-wide events like volcanos, zombie apocalypses , UFO abductions, and more.

The latest version of the integration (published today) brings significant stability and performance improvements to the integration.