Partnership Application Requirements Changing May 15

You know that moment when you’re grinding for gear, all focused on the game, and really getting into the groove of it when you hear that delightful DING! that means you’ve knocked out another level? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? It means the challenge is about to increase, but it also means that you unlock more cool stuff, too!

That DING! is echoing through the halls here in the Partnership department, and we’re ready to answer its call! It’s time to raise those Partnership requirements again, and announce some of the cool new stuff the program has to offer.

Alright, I can hear you asking, “So what’s the increased challenge, Graph?” Well, for us, we’re working to continue to reward smaller streamers that have extraordinary potential, without losing the value of having a program that’s too difficult to get into. For you, this means an increase from 300 followers to 750 followers, and from 30 active viewers in chat to 50. For more details, please check out our updated [partner requirements page](

Important note: if your account was created before March 15, 2017, you have until August 15, 2017 to reach our old Partner requirements.

We’re still reviewing every single application, looking for the best streamers to represent and help foster our community’s positive and welcoming culture. We’re still interviewing every new Partner personally. We’re still connecting Partners with partner managers to be their personal point of contact. None of this has changed – in fact, it’s become more consistent, thanks to community feedback!

With these changes, we’re adding some really cool perks to the Partner program. Most of these I can’t announce yet, but now that the Beam viewing app has been released on Xbox One, I can say that Partners in good standing are now eligible to have their streams promoted directly in the Xbox Community Calendar app, and you will also start seeing them on the Xbox One Dash itself! We’re working with our friends at Team Xbox to get more very unique perks for our Partners. The next several months are going to be amazing!

If you’re ready to prepare for this next level, but you have more questions, check out my [forum post]( If you’re already prepared to represent Beam at this level of awesome, maybe consider [applying]( for Partnership. We’d love to have you on the team!