Mixer Founder’s Program

“Wait… what’s Mixer?” If that’s the first question that pops into your head, you should take a moment to read through this.

For those already in the know, welcome, and we hope you’re enjoying Mixer! The last several days have been a wild ride watching your co-streams and mobile self-broadcasts, as well as welcoming all our new users.

However, we haven’t forgotten about our users who helped make Beam, and now Mixer, the positive and welcoming community we foster today. And as a way of saying ‘thanks’, we’ve rolled out some rewards to users who were around prior to introducing Mixer.

  • Users who were Level 10 or higher as of May 24th have received:
    • One free subscription to any Mixer Partner
    • Subscription code has no expiry and cannot be redeemed for Mixer Pro
    • A Beam “OG” badge on channel profile
  • Users who were Level 50 or higher as of May 24th have received:

Note that some users may have received an email confirming Mixer Pro, stating they’ve been charged for it. Don’t worry – you won’t be charged anything, and it won’t automatically renew. Our bad.

Thank you to all of our users for your continued support and for spreading the #MixerMagic. If you have additional questions about your rewards, please reach out to us at mixer.com/contact

We’ll see you online!