Killing Floor 2 + Mixer

Today Killing Floor 2 launched on Xbox One and we here at Mixer are very excited about this! This marks a milestone with our previously announced Interactivity 2.0 features as the first game to launch with this new interactivity built in!

With Killing Floor 2 on Xbox One and a little “Mixer Interactivity 2.0 Magic” the game will divide your audience watching on Mixer into groups. These groups will then be given a choice to help or hurt the player to give them a challenge or assist in the battle.

From these branching choices you can now interact with the streamer by giving them extra ammo or armor, sending some good ole fashioned Zombie puke, or even queue a slow-mo sequence! All of this of course is built in and ready to go, all you simply need to do is just enable Mixer in the game and go live!

This is just a peek at what our Interactivity 2.0 features can be and we are very excited to partner with Tripwire Interactive on their latest title.

For all the details regarding Killing Floor 2 launch on Xbox One you can check out the official blog from the developer here.

Of course make sure to snag your copy of Killing Floor 2 now on Xbox One and give the new interactivity a try!