Mixer Testing Video Broadcasting with USB Webcams on Xbox One

At Mixer, we’re continuously impressed by the number of gamers embracing and enjoying the easy-to-use broadcasting that Mixer offers on Xbox One – and are equally enthusiastic about our journey ahead with fans. We’ve heard from many who have broadcasted for the very first time, as well as those who love being able to share gameplay with friends over Xbox Live regularly. One piece of feedback commonly heard is around using an existing USB webcam to share video image alongside your gameplay (similar to using the Kinect camera today). Your feedback is key, and we’re making that request a reality—but we need your help!

Starting today, support for USB webcams on Xbox One arrives for Xbox Insiders (Preview Alpha Ring)—including the ability to plug in and use them for broadcasting on Mixer! Those within the Alpha Ring of the Xbox Insider program will see this functionality as early as today, and rolling out to more Insiders in the coming weeks. Help us test this feature and get it ready for prime time by plugging in your USB webcams and giving feedback on your experiences. Don’t forget Xbox Insiders, you’ll need to report your feedback through the console specifically rather than Mixer support channels. We won’t release this feature broadly until we’re confident in the experience, so the more webcams we can get testing on, the better!

If you’re not yet in the Xbox Insider program but interested in joining to help test this and other new features, it’s easy to get started. Just navigate to the Store on your Xbox One console, search for the “Xbox Insider Hub,” download the app and start testing new console updates, games and apps.

Thank you for every bit of continued feedback – we’re looking forward to seeing more faces and personalities broadcasting on camera, soon!

*Note: Because many ‘off the shelf’ USB webcams do not offer echo cancellation like Kinect, this is presently limited to video capture only – those camera streaming will still require the use of a headset/microphone setup to include broadcast audio.*