FTL Beta for Mixer Mobile App


At Mixer, we’re motivated to build the most interactive platform for broadcasters and their viewers. It’s why we’re all-in on Mixer’s low-latency streaming protocol, Faster-Than-Light (FTL). FTL puts the community virtually in the room with broadcasters, chatting and influencing what’s happening in near real-time instead of being behind seconds of long delay.

Today, we’re excited to introduce FTL beta to our Mixer viewing apps on Android and iOS.

This is the first of many exciting things in store for Mixer mobile fans this year. We’d love your feedback while testing this feature to ensure it’s ready for launch on Android and iOS.

How to test (Android):

* Visit the Mixer app here to sign up for the “Beta”

How to test (iOS)

* We have a limited number of spots available. Sign up for an invite here!

In beta, FTL will be on by default. If you’d like to switch to a non-FTL stream, just tap the FTL icon *(rocket ship)* on the top right corner of the stream.

With Mixer, we’re committed to providing a first-class mobile streaming experience on Android and iOS. Most of all, it’s the fan feedback that continues to inspire how our features evolve – so keep it coming on our Feedback Site.