Mixer in Minecraft 1.2.5 beta

Minecraft has always had a special significance to us here at Mixer. Fellow co-founder James and I first met online while playing Minecraft, and together, founded our first company providing Minecraft players with custom servers to host their own worlds. It was through this experience, running one of the largest Minecraft servers in the world, that we were inspired to build Mixer. We saw the incredible passion in the Minecraft community to connect players and enable them to build things that had never been seen before and we wanted to do the same for game broadcasters and their viewers.

Today we’ve got special news for Mixer and Minecraft fans everywhere. Now available with the Minecraft 1.2.5 beta, you can experience deeply-integrated Mixer broadcasting and interactivity.

Let’s explore both, below!


When we launched Mixer Create on Android and iOS last month we loved seeing the reaction from our community around the simplicity of mobile broadcasting. We’re now excited to bring the familiar Mixer Create experience directly into Minecraft, making it easier to start and manage a Mixer broadcast while you play. You’ll start to see this feature today in the Minecraft 1.2.5 beta on Android; iOS will come once 1.2.5 exits beta.

How to start a broadcast in Minecraft on Android:

  •  Download the Mixer Create app, then open the Minecraft beta.
  • Tap the Settings button inside of Minecraft, either on the homepage or within the game
  •  Scroll down and tap Broadcast
  •  Tap Launch Mixer Create
  •  Tap the pink broadcasting button to start the broadcast
  • Once you’re live, you’ll see the Mixer Create broadcasting bar appear inside your game. You can move it anywhere you’d like, toggle your front facing camera and microphone on or off, and chat along with your viewers, all within your Minecraft game. When broadcasting to Mixer, you’ll be able to use in-game chat and see your broadcast’s viewer count.


Mixer interactivity in Minecraft
Our Interactive 2.0 platform enables any game developer to add Mixer interactivity to their game with just a few lines of code; creating unique steaming experiences where viewers have actual impact on the gameplay. It’s been exciting to see developers like Telltale Games and Tripwire take advantage of this with some their biggest games. With Mojang and Minecraft, Mixer interactivity customization reaches a whole new level.

With Mixer Interactivity in Minecraft, any Minecraft command can be turned into an interactive button that viewers can use to change your game. Whether you want to enable viewers to summon a horde of creepers, fill a given area with blocks or just change the weather to rain – it’s all possible. The only limit is your imagination. Plus, with Mixer’s Faster Than Light (FTL) streaming protocol, you’ll be able to watch and play with less than a second of latency. Starting today you’ll be able to try out interactivity in the Minecraft 1.2.5 beta on Android and Windows 10. Xbox One will come later this week, and then all versions of Minecraft will get the feature once it exits beta. Also, for Java fans, a separate mod will be coming later this year, as well.

How to get started broadcasting an interactive session

  • Sign into Minecraft with the same Microsoft Account you use to stream on Mixer and start broadcasting.
  • Type /mixer into the command line to bring up the Mixer Interactivity options. From there, you can choose to start or stop an interactive session or change an interactive session’s scene.
  • /mixer
  • When you’re ready, type start after /mixer.
  • /mixer start
  • Then type the two unique identifiers (Version ID and Share Code) for your Mixer interactive project.
  • /mixer start Version ID Share Code
  • Hit **enter** to enable interactivity in your game
  • Your default scene will be the first interactive experience that shows up. If you’d like to switch to a different scene in your interactive project, type /mixer scene scene string


To support those who want to jump right in, we’ve created some interactive templates and mini-game examples for broadcasting to enjoy right now!

Interactive Templates:

Aide – Version ID: 128522 Share Code: m7e64t2v Scene: Default

Challenge – Version ID: 128522 Share Code: m7e64t2v Scene: Challenge

Zombies – Version ID: 128522 Share Code: m7e64t2v Scene: Zombies

Interactive mini-game:
Infinite Runner- Download Map Here

However, we believe the most creative interactive Minecraft experiences will come directly from the community.

How to create your own interactive Minecraft stream:
Visit Mixer’s Interactive Studio and create a new project.
Click into the Build tab. There, you’ll see a section to add controls. Select New Control, name it whatever you’d like and select the Make it a button option.
Select your new control to enter in the following settings below
Text:  This is the text that’ll appear on your button
Spark Cost: How many Sparks it’ll cost for your interaction to cost viewers
Keyboard Control: If you want people to be able to engage with your button through keys
Tooltip: Helpful information on hover to educate viewers what your button does
Meta Properties: This is the information to be sent to Minecraft to make sure your experience does what it’s supposed to.
Add a Command to your button
In the Meta Properties section, click Add Property
In the Name section, type Command. The name field has to be Command to work.
In the value section, type in the Minecraft command you want. If you want to add multiple commands to one button (i.e. spawn a zombie and change time to night), hit enter and the other command on a separate line.
Once complete hit Save.

  • Add a Cooldown to your button
  • In the Meta Properties section, click Add Property
  • In the Name section, name it Cooldown.
  • In the Type section, change it to Number.
  • In the value section, type in the number of seconds this button should cooldown before activating again. It is not recommended to enter a value less than 10.
  • To group multiple buttons into a single Cooldown, first create a meta property named Group with your preferred group name in the value section. Add that Group property to each of the buttons you want in the Cooldown group. Then, create a meta property named
  • Groupcooldown, change it to a Number and set the value to the number of seconds you want the Cooldown to be. Add the Groupcooldown to each button in the group.
  • Drag your button onto the grid and resize it for mobile, tablet and PC.
  • When you’re ready to try out your project, click Save in the right-hand corner of Interactive Studio and then select the share button.
  • You’ll see a dialog pop up, select Anyone with Version ID and code can play
  • Copy paste the Version ID and Share Code from your project into Minecraft command line when starting interactive session.

We can’t wait to see what you do with Mixer broadcasting and interactivity in Minecraft. Drop us a line at @WatchMixer and let us know what you think, or just to show off your awesome Minecraft interactivity creations!