Mixer Interactivity & Broadcasting in Minecraft

Calling all Minecraft players! Mixer Interactivity & broadcasting in Minecraft are now available for everyone. Millions of Minecraft creators and community members can take advantage of these two features today, and we’ve even built two Mixer Interactive experiences to help creators get started.

With Mixer Interactivity, viewers can truly participate in their favorite streamer’s Minecraft game. Any Minecraft command can be turned into an interactive button on Mixer (even custom Java commands from your favorite mods). This means viewers can spawn mobs like Creepers and Pigs, provide resources like Redstone, place a house of TNT, or simply just change the time of day to night. It’s all possible and the only limit is the community’s creativity.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, there may be such a thing as “too many pigs”

We’ve seen some fantastic interactive streams and mini-games throughout the beta this last month and we can’t wait to see what Mixer and Minecraft creators build next. We’re always looking to showcase creative interactive Minecraft content, so give us a shout at @WatchMixer to share your what you’ve built!

Get Started with Interactivity

Just update your Minecraft app to 1.2.5 or download now!

Minecraft: Java Edition
Download the Mixer Interactive Mod for Java as well as the library file here

Here’s a quick video walkthrough on how you can use Mixer Interactivity in Minecraft

Interactive Maps for Streamers

We’ve also created two Interactive maps for streamers to use right now.

Infinite Runner (Minecraft) – See how far you can make it down the infinite hallway while your viewers spawn difficult obstacles and mobs.

Battle Royale (Minecraft: Java Edition) – Enter the Interactive Battle Royale and direct your viewers to boost you to glory against other streamers and their viewers!

Build Your Own Interactive Experiences

If you’d like to learn how to build your own interactive Minecraft experience, check out our original beta blog here for detailed steps. Or, for more visual learners, watch these two awesome in-depth tutorial videos from Mixer streamer and All-star Minecraft creator Direwolf20!


Minecraft: Java Edition

But the fun doesn’t stop with Mixer Interactive. You can now broadcast your gameplay on iOS and Android directly from Minecraft as well as chat with your viewers in real time. No additional hardware required. And of course, when you broadcast to Mixer you’ll get less than a second of delay between your gameplay and what viewers are seeing.

Just download the Mixer Create app from the App Store or Google Play to get started.

Happy building and streaming!