Enter the Realm Royale HypeZone! 

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To celebrate Realm Royale coming to early access on Steam, we’re launching a week long HypeZone channel to showcase the most exciting, Crown Royale-chasing action.  

Will you be the last champion standing?  

Now is the perfect the time to show off your skills. Wield awesome abilities, forge legendary weapons or just mount up and explore the realm.  

And to make this limited time HypeZone extra special, we’ll be whispering every Mixer streamer who gets featured in the HypeZone a code to the Jailbird Chicken Skin – the first cosmetic item in Realm Royale.  

To get started 

  1. Stream Realm Royale to Mixer from June 11 4:30 PST – June 18th 11:59 PST 
  2. Make sure your whispers are turned on in your chat settings  










See you in the HypeZone!