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During our 1-year anniversary and at E3 we talked about upcoming MixPlay enabled games. Today, we’re excited to bring Death’s Door: Aftermath exclusively to Mixer.

Death’s Door: Aftermath is the follow-up to Shiny Shoe’s 2017 release Death’s Door, a streaming-only community-driven roguelike adventure inspired by classic RPGs. Using a timed voting mechanic, each player helps guide the Revenant through a post-apocalyptic wasteland dotted with interesting encounters and tough enemies

Death’s Door: Aftermath builds upon the success of its predecessor with new and updated features:

  • New map system contextualizes branching paths, giving players more meaningful choices
  • Live Dungeon Master tool allows game ambassadors to inject unique content into the game stream on-the-fly
  • Improved character creation, new classes, and new gameplay mechanics
  • Future support for player-created story events

Mixer channel subscribers will also benefit from special subscriber-only voting periods, emotes and receive other perks.

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