Introducing HypeZone Clips & Clips Beta for Partners

HypeZone Clips

We know for many of our streamers that their time in the HypeZone is a thrilling and exciting experience… and for our viewers we know that you’d need a lot of caffeine to catch all 300+ victories per day. So, we built a feature that satisfies both needs. Starting today, HypeZone will automatically generate Clips of a streamer’s final minute with the goal of catching that awesome victory or hilariously unfortunate end. Once generated, the HypeZone Clip will automatically be displayed on both the HypeZone channel and the streamer’s channel page under the new “Clips” tab.

And as long as we’re on the topic of Clips…

Our community has always been at the center of our development process. Which is why we’re tremendously excited that, in addition to HypeZone Clips, we’ll also be launching a full Clips feature for Mixer Partners – starting today! We’ve also got info on our HypeZone FAQ and Partner Clip FAQ for more details. Stay tuned here on the blog or @WatchMixer on Twitter for future updates and feel free to drop us Feedback here.