New Mixer Partnership Requirements

Today, we’re proud to share that we’ve refreshed Mixer’s requirements to be considered for the partnership program. These new requirements will go into effect July 24th and are a bit different: that’s intentional! At Mixer, our partnerships mission is to invite and foster relationships with streaming partners that reflect true partners in every way – including investing in the Mixer community. We’re committed to the community and believe these new guidelines reflect our mission. 

There are two stages to partnership application review: the metrics and the quality. We’re changing the metrics that we use to qualify a channel for further review. Mixer Partners will still go through the same quality review process as before, after they’ve met the minimum requirements. 


The Metrics partnership applications must meet all of the following metrics to be considered for review.  

  • Account Age: 2+ months 
  • Followers: 2,000+ 
  • Streams per month: 12 or more days total 
  • Hours Streamed per month: 25 or more hours total 
  • Following Terms of Service and User Rules of Conduct 


The Quality 

Every application is read by our team of on-boarding agents and each partner candidate is reviewed personally. We consider a lot of factors, but primarily focus on Professionalism, Uniqueness and Community Building. We still review average concurrent users in your chat, but now we are able to use averages that are based on the content you stream, instead of applying one number to all content. To pass this part of the review remember: always strive to improve your channel and keep a community-first attitude.  

This is the first step that we’re taking to improve the partner experience, we’re also going to be making the application, the review, and even the onboarding process itself even better. We’re eager to welcome all of our new partners as we invest together in each other’s brands. 


What’s the TL;DR here? Mixer is investing in those who invest in Mixer. We recognize that the current method of reviewing channels does not overtly take into consideration the vast differences between content types. In an effort to better represent the community we are shifting to metrics that measure the partner’s investment in us, which allows us to give a fair quality review based on the content of that partnered channel. 

I already have an established brand on another platform, and I’m interested in committing to Mixer. Who do I talk to? We’d be delighted to welcome you to Mixer! Please reach out to us at and tell us about your channel. We’ll help you get set up! 

I was recently declined, I recently applied for partnership, but I meet these requirements, what do I do? Everyone’s wait periods will be removed with this change. If you meet the requirements, you should see the application page available to you effective July 24th!  

I have particular accessibility needs, how can I become partner? Every review is carefully considered for context, so that we may be reasonable and inclusive. We will do our best to accommodate accessibility needs. 

What do you mean by “professionalism,” “uniqueness,” and “community building”? These are subjective qualities that help us gauge each applicant’s potential as a partner. Below is a set of examples, and is in no way exclusive or exhaustive, but it should help you understand what we’re looking for. 

  • Professionalism 
    -Socials properly linked
    -Consistent branding
    -Channel description utilized
    -Clear schedule
    -Constructive attitude 
  • Uniqueness 
    -Content diversity
    -Streamer diversity
    -Schedule diversity 
  • Community Building 
    -Metrics show signs of reasonable growth for the content
    -Chat moderation
    -Use of social media to promote brand
    -Brand-positive messaging