Introducing: The Mixer Community Champion Award

Back in June, we asked our Partners to nominate someone that they felt embodies what it means to be an outstanding leader within the Mixer community. The goal was to show recognition to a member of the Mixer Community-at-large that helps build others up at every opportunity, a moderator that’s at the core of keeping the Chat trenches clean, or – just a friendly voice that consistently helps people feel like they belong. Anyone can win, and many were nominated.

And now, at long last – the results are in.

The community member to win the very first Community Champion Award is: KingBaileyBomb!

In their own words, our Partners had some pretty choice words for the first Community Champion:

  • “Super positive guy and Partner always stays very connected with his community”
  • “He is always willing to help regardless of how much time you spend in his Channel”
  • “…his energy levels are above and beyond.”
  • “His community is so inviting!”

What does this mean? Well, first things first – congratulations to our very first winner! This title is bestowed upon paragons of the Mixer Community, and to help show our appreciation KingBaileyBomb will be getting a custom Community Champion hoodie, a plaque to commemorate the occasion, and a few other goodies that will have to remain a surprise… for now.

So, what is the Community Champion – and how do you get involved? Well, clearly, make sure to go follow KingBaileyBomb on Mixer and tune-in to join one of Mixer’s best (voted!) communities. To boot, we’re only getting started. We’ve got a lot more plans for the Community Champion Program, and how all of you can get involved as well.

Congratulations from all of us at Mixer, and in the Mixer Community! Thank you for being a such a huge part of what makes Mixer such a great place to build communities.

Want to increase your chances at being nominated for the next Community Champion award? Below is a tip from Mixer’s newest Community Partner Manager to help you get there!

  • Shane: “Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given was to always look for ways you can help others. When you go out of your way to help others and ask what you can do for them, you end up building strong friendships and networking relationships that will help you grow as a professional, a person, and a name that everyone can count on. With a reputation for helping others and going above and beyond – you will soon find doors opening you never thought possible!”

Thank you to everyone that voted – and, most importantly, thank you to the entire Mixer community. Every single day you blow us away with your passion for everything you do, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.