Introducing the MixPlay Spotlight Program with September’s Feature: “We Are Jake”

Today, Mixer is pleased to introduce the MixPlay Spotlight Program!

MixPlay Spotlight will highlight one MixPlay title every month to showcase some of the best creative and interactive MixPlay content with the Mixer community. The number of MixPlay experiences on Mixer are growing rapidly, so with each monthly MixPlay Spotlight comes a new opportunity to discover and play along with your favorite Mixer streamers in brand new, engaging MixPlay experiences.

Need a refresher on what MixPlay is? MixPlay is how we define all interactive experiences on Mixer, where you can do a whole lot more than just watch and chat. With MixPlay, you can have real-time influence over the game you are watching by either giving streamers a helpful boost to their victory, or by adding challenging obstacles for them to overcome. MixPlay can enhance your streaming experience with overlays, stats, leaderboards, and more. You can take control of a streamer’s game to make decisions for them or even help them through a difficult gameplay section.

Simply put, there are tons of ways to engage and interact with streams on Mixer with MixPlay. For more details, check out

For September’s MixPlay Spotlight, we are featuring the breakout MixPlay game, “We Are Jake.”

Designed from the ground up with Mixer streamers in mind, “We Are Jake” is a sports brawler (and sometimes dance fighter), with equal parts mayhem, spectacular dunks, and a healthy dash of quirkiness. Join a team, score a goal with one of a dozen unique balls, and have crazy fun with your friends all day long!

By heading to on your PC, or the VVSpaceship channel using the Mixer app on your Xbox console or mobile device, you can play along with up to 40 simultaneous players directly in the stream through MixPlay! Here are a few general tips to keep in mind as you jump into the game:

  • Navigate your character around the field and score goals for your team using a keyboard or controller.
  • If opposing players get too close or in your way, throw punches to knock them back.
  • Play 24/7 and show off your skills anytime in front of a constantly-evolving community.

In celebration of the September Spotlight, we are hosting a special “Weeklong Jake-A-Thon” promotion! Tune in and play on the channel starting at 12:00 PM PST on Wednesday, September 26th, through 11:59 PM PST Tuesday, October 2nd. At any given time on each day, a special elimination mode will start. Make it to the end of that mode where you will face off 1v1 with another player, and a soccer ball will drop containing a random reward. Be the person to score the goal with that ball, and you will have the chance to win a variety of prizes including a daily grand prize of a brand new gaming console.
In addition to our daily console giveaways, we will also drop soccer balls with Xbox Game Pass codes every 30 minutes, so stay logged in on Mixer and keep playing throughout the week for your chance to win.

See you all on the field at!