SMITE and Paladins esports return to Mixer

Mixer has a long-standing partnership with Hi-Rez, starting with the Paladins Console Series announced in October of last year, and then the announcement of the SMITE Pro League last February. Earlier today at Hi-Rez Expo (HRX), we announced a continued partnership with Hi-Rez Studios and Skillshot Media, which includes the expansion of SMITE and Paladins esports exclusively on Mixer!

We’re excited to share that the 2019 season of the SMITE Pro League and SMITE Console League will continue to be exclusive on Mixer, building on the success of both leagues during Season 5. In addition, the other premium league from Hi-Rez, Paladins Premier League, featuring the top esports organizations from around the world, will also be coming exclusively to Mixer in 2019!

Earlier this year, Mixer implemented interactive stats dashboards for SMITE esports broadcasts using MixPlay custom controls. We will continue to introduce innovative Mixer features, such as MixPlay integrations and custom Skill packs, for all future SMITE and Paladins esports broadcasts.

The latest integration, MixPlay Rewards, where you can earn in-game items just by linking your Mixer and Hi-Rez accounts and watching official Hi-Rez broadcasts, will debut at HRX this weekend for both SMITE and Paladins broadcasts. Tune-in to official Hi-Rez Expo broadcasts for SMITE and Paladins on Mixer to earn HRX Loki and Convention Furia!

We’ll be announcing more exciting news about the 2019 season of SMITE and Paladins esports over the next few days  at HRX  – follow @WatchMixer, @SmitePro, and @PaladinsPro on Twitter for all the latest updates!