The Unawareness Movement – Help Take a Stand Against Cyberbullying

At Mixer, we’ve always believed that interactions and engagements between gamers, streamers and viewers should be free of bullying and harassment. This belief is continually reinforced by you and our amazing Mixer partners, their moderators and their communities – you all willingly and openly welcome new viewers and community members to Mixer all the time. We’ve also seen you consistently take a stand against many forms of bullying and harassment to foster a positive, safe and inclusive experience on Mixer.

You have inspired us and we want to join you in taking a more public stance against cyberbullying and harassment.

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re teaming up with The Cybersmile Foundation, an anti-cyberbullying nonprofit organization, to launch the UnAwareness Movement. The UnAwareness Movement is designed to raise awareness of the potential impact of cyberbullying, encourage positive online behavior and divert attention away from cyberbullying and toxicity.

As part of this movement, we are working to improve our features to better protect our community against harassment and bullying. As part of our continued efforts, we’re releasing two new features in the upcoming week to complement our current suite of safety features:

  • Viewer-to-Viewer chat “Mute” – You can mute another user in channel chat for the duration of their session in that channel. Anything the muted user adds to chat is not displayed to the user who muted them. This capability will roll out first to desktop web users, and then following soon thereafter on all Mixer platforms.
  • New CATbot Setting – CATbot is Mixer’s automated chat moderation tool that streamers use to auto detect and filter toxic and harassing language from their channel chat. Already built with a “High,” “Medium” and “Low,” filter setting, we are replacing the “Off” option with “Very Low” to ensure that a minimum baseline of filtering is in effect across all Mixer streams. In the “Very Low” setting, only Terms of Service-violating language will be removed.

If it’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s the understanding that cyberbullying and harassment affects everyone in different ways and the impact of cyberbullying can exceed the capability of ours tools and features to successfully counter it. With this understanding, we are partnering with The Cybersmile Foundation to support their efforts in building a safer, more positive digital community.

From Thursday, April 4 – Tuesday, April 30 we’re launching a special set of UnAwareness Movement-themed Skills to help raise support for The Cybersmile Foundation. When you spend Mixer Embers to launch any of these special Skills on through the month of April, 100% of the value will be directly donated to The Cybersmile Foundation at the end of the campaign.

These donations will directly support The Cybersmile Foundation’s newly-released AI support tool, The Cybersmile Assistant. The AI smart assistant is designed to help users around the world to receive support and direction in dealing with cyberbullying, online harassment and digital abuse by identifying and providing targeted advice, details for localized support organization and contact information for support helplines to users who have experienced abuse, bullying or harassment specifically in gaming platforms, services and products.

Since we’ve partnered Cybersmile, we’ve been inspired by their mission and are looking forward to developing a long-lasting partnership where Mixer can work together with The Cybersmile Foundation to build a positive, safe, inclusive and diverse gaming community for all. We hope you join us by taking a stance against cyberbullying and supporting the UnAwareness Movement.

If you or someone you know is currently impacted by cyberbullying and harassment, please reach out to The Cybersmile Foundation at to find the help and support you may need.