Help us test Embers – v2! [Update: Sign-ups closed]

We are back with the second version of our Embers Test! Are you interested in helping us test Embers on your channel?

Beginning today, we’re looking for 3,000 non-partnered Mixer streamers to participate in an Embers test from May 15th through August 1st. Participants of this test will have a couple months to earn as many Embers as they can.

If you’re interested in joining the experiment, visit our sign-up site here [5/14/2019 update: Sign-ups are now officially closed!] to register. We’ll select the first 3,000 applicants that meet the standard rules and requirements, so be sure to sign-up quickly to participate!

If you participated in our first test, you are not only eligible to participate in this one, but we will give you priority as a thank you for all your help. Also if you didn’t hit the minimum while participating on the first test, don’t worry because your Embers rollover to this test!

What is the test?

We will enable Embers and the premium Skills associated with them on participating channels in the test. For every Ember spent in their channel, streamers will earn $0.01. Streamers will be eligible to earn an unlimited amount of Embers during the duration of the experiment and will receive payouts in the form of a digital or physical Visa Gift Card at the end.

Who can participate?

For this initial experiment, we’re looking for streamers who reside in the United States, are 18 years or older, have a minimum channel age of 3 months and have streamed for over 8 hours in the last 2 weeks.

Why US Only?

Due to the nature of this test and the method used for paying out rewards, we were limited to the United States, however we are exploring options to include more countries and regions in future testing.

Are there any other rules or things I should know?

Yes, we recommend heading over here to read the full details on participating in this experiment.  Read more at: