Community Update: Streamer Review, and more!

Our team is always striving to make Mixer the most positive and welcoming community for all our streamers and viewers. We want viewers to be entertained and supported on our platform when exploring new personalities. While our streamers on Mixer should be free to focus on creating great gameplay and fun content.

A few weeks ago, we shared how we are taking additional steps to improve the Mixer experience for our community of streamers and viewers. Today, we’re sharing an update on some of those new programs and tools aimed at reducing harmful content and toxic behavior so that Mixer continues to be a fun, positive and welcoming community.

Streamer Review System 

The first step in this vision will be the launch of our Streamer Review system, on September 4. (8/29/2019 Update: Streamer Review system will now be live on September 5th, instead of the 4th.)

The goal of Streamer Review is to improve validation and monitoring of new streamers on Mixer. Streamers will need to login with their Microsoft account to enable additional screening of new streaming accounts. There will also be a 24-hour waiting period before a streamer can start their first camera-capable stream.

What this means for you: If you are a streamer on Mixer, there are a few steps you will need to take to ensure that there’s no lapse in your live streaming schedule.

Starting on September 5th at 10 AM PDT, if you stream to Mixer from PC or mobile, or if you use a camera while streaming on Xbox through native broadcasting, you will be prompted to renew your stream key on Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On your browser, sign into Mixer with your linked Microsoft Account (MSA).
  2. Navigate to your “Broadcast Dashboard” page, and click on the “Broadcast” tab.
  3. Select “Get Started” inside the “Broadcast” tab.
  4. Watch the required Mixer Safety Video.
  5. Once video is complete, your account will enter a 24-hour review period.
  6. Once the 24-hour countdown is complete, return to your “Broadcast” tab to read and sign the Streamer Pledge.
  7. Congratulations, you have received your new stream key! You can now leverage your stream key to continue streaming on Mixer.

To allow our streamers extra flexibility in preparation for this new system, we are enabling an early opt-in period. From August 28 – September 4, you can renew your stream key through the steps above without needing to wait for the 24-hour review period.

*If you are a Partnered or Verified channel on Mixer you are welcome to participate in the Streamer Review system, but you are not required to take these steps to keep streaming.

Chat Restrictions + Catbot Moderation Level 

In addition to the new Streamer Review system, we are also excited to announce new chat moderation tools that will help our streamers get even more control over their community chat! Starting today August 26th, head to your “Moderation” tab in your “Broadcast Dashboard” to use all the fresh options. Let’s dive into some of the details:

  • Chat Restrictions. At Mixer, we love to encourage interaction between our streamers and viewers. With this feature, we’re providing more choice on who can interact with your channel. You’ll be able to restrict the ability of some users to chat in your channel, according to different criteria that you can set. When you flip the “Restrict Chat Access” switch on, you will have the ability to set a specific channel rank restriction on who can chat, ranging from 1 to 100. For example, if you set the level to 30, only users who have reached level 30 or higher in your channel can join in on the conversation; everyone else will stay muted.
  • Catbot Moderation Level. This provides more control over what Catbot is filtering out of the chat. In addition to the “Very Low”, “Low”, “Medium”, and “High” options already present, you now have the ability to allow more leniency toward those who are followers and subscribers in your chat by selecting the “Follower Curve” and “Subscriber Curve” options, respectively. You can even get much more granular by flipping the “Catbot Mode” switch on. Once you do, you will have the ability to configure the range of auto-moderation based upon the level users have achieved in their chat.

We hope you and your moderators enjoy these new tools to keep your channel clean and friendly. 

Mixer Create 

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, to help focus on new investments and capabilities, we occasionally need to make changes to existing capabilities. On August 28th we will be retiring the Mixer Create app and removing it from mobile application stores. This does not affect the main Mixer app for viewers; and streamers can continue to use the Mixer app to as a companion experience to monitor chat during streams. This change is based both on feedback and analysis of actual usage across the Mixer community. For streamers who would like to continue broadcasting directly from their mobile device, we recommend checking out the Streamlabs app.

We’re grateful to you for making Mixer a great place to watch and stream and appreciate your support in keeping Mixer a positive and welcoming community. For more information, keep it locked on our @WatchMixer social channels, and as always, please continue to share your ideas at