Introducing Mixer’s latest Community Champion!

The Community Champion is an award we’ve had for just over a year now – and, it’s our chance to highlight a stalwart member of the community that’s gone above and beyond the usual call of duty. Be they a viewer, moderator, streamer, or other member of the Mixer Community – many are nominated, but only one can ultimately hold the crown.

This time around we’re thrilled to introduce a name that’s been pushed through the Community Champion voting pool a great many times up to this point and, has crafted an outright incredible corner of the community. We’re thrilled to name the latest Community Champion, SykoPlayz!

SykoPlayz has been on Mixer since July of 2016 and in that time he’s been a warm and welcoming presence to a follower pool of 30,000+! We took a chance to chat with SykoPlayz about this award, his community, and what Mixer means to him:

Alright, SykoPlayz – the mic is all yours. How would you best describe yourself and your community?
I feel like it’s the perfect example of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” We may look a little dark and scary but you only have to stay a minute to realize that it’s a community built on love and acceptance. We are a community first stream. I know that without them, there wouldn’t be an Asylum.

What would you say is your favorite thing about your community?
How welcoming they are to everyone. We’re a place where its ‘ok’ to ‘not be ok’ and it really feels that way as soon as you come into the stream. Open minds, open hearts, and open arms.

Let’s go ahead and give them a shout-out! Who are your mods? Care to tell us a little bit about them?
This is in no order:

  • ThatBoyJesus
  • PrimStony
  • HiJiNXeD
  • Maddeh1401
  • kaycampb6
  • SonofSyko
  • HalcyonTribble
  • Crazy_Aunt13
  • SykoReaper
  • CanadaJake
  • DireLove
  • MrsSyko

Most of these mods have been with me through multiple platforms and continue to support what we are trying to accomplish on Mixer. I really feel like I can trust them with anything that I am needing help with, and they are always willing to help.

How long have you been a Mixer Partner?
I’ve been partnered since December 28th, 2018.

What’s your favorite thing about Mixer?
How it feels like a family and that we are all wanting to see each other succeed – instead of working against one another.

If you could give any advice to anyone starting their stream for the very first time – what would it be?
Play what you consider fun and not what everyone else is playing just because its the game to play. If you are not having fun, then your viewers won’t be having fun either. Set a schedule and stick to it. Network!

We’ll leave you with the final word. Anything you want to say to the community?
Thank you so much for giving me a place to be me. Thank you for not judging me on how I look but loving me for who I am.