Mixer Community Digest – April 23rd, 2020

Happy Thursday, Mixer Community! 

We’re back once again with another Mixer Community Digest to get you all caught up with the latest from us here on Team Mixer, and from all of you in the community. So, read on to get the latest on the crowning of the Mixer Community Champion, an update on the GCX Charity Marathon, our latest Mixer Partners – and more! 

Mixer Updates 

  • Introducing the very latest Mixer Community Champion, BeeYoo! We had a chance to ask her a few questions to learn more about her, her community, and her time here on Mixer. Check it out right now!
  • We’ve got the latest episode of our weekly clip compilation up and ready for you to check out! Give it a watch for some of the best aces, scares, and action from all around Mixer, and make sure you’re following Mixer Replay to see all the best clips every week.  

In the Community 

  •  We’re excited to partner with the Gaming Community Expo for the 2020 GCX Charity Marathon, benefiting St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital! This year Mixer will host a dedicated week for the marathon starting on June 7th, running all the way up until June 14th. We’ll have Mixer Partner blocks to announce at a future date, but check out the announcement over here, and be sure to follow Mixer.com/GCXEvent in the meantime.
  • Stretching is important, doubly so when you’re going to be celebrating in VR. And thankfully for shroud, he was prepared for just such an occasion!  
  • Camera? Check. Controller? Check. Lights? Next to none. These are the ingredients required for… ViciouZz to take a quick break from her game.  
  • Sure, you can surround yourself with an adorable cast of characters on your own private island! Nothing could possibly end in heartbreak, could it RetroKrystal?
  • If you’re going to land your 200,000th kill, why not do so with style? Ship, thankfully, has that handily on lock.  

New Mixer Partners 

With each edition of the Mixer Community Digest, we’re going to introduce you to the latest Mixer Partners we’ve welcomed into the Partnership Program! Join us in welcoming the latest crew, listed in alphabetical order:  

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We’ll see you out in the community!